DrupalCon Vienna CXO Dinner

Drupalcon CXO Dinner

DrupalCon Vienna CXO Dinner / CEO Dinner - Now we have 2?

At the moment we are really looking forward to combining both events and we are waiting for confirmation from Michel van Velde and Janne Kalliola, then we will cancel the CXO Dinner completely and move everyone to the CEO dinner, as our intention is to extend and grow the business community instead of dividing it. While we still believe in the more inclusive CXO dinner concept we will continue it at another event in favor of avoiding any potential drama to the Drupal Business community at DrupalCon Vienna.

For a little background: In January this year, when Drupal Austria as host came together to plan the DrupalCon Vienna side events, we were planning an inclusive CXO dinner with the goal to expand the executives community (also to CMOs, COOs, CTOs etc.). This concept was before successfully hosted and perceived in the past at events like European Drupal Business Days 2012 Vienna, CXO Days, Business Summits and lately at the European Drupal Business Days 2017.

When the organization for DrupalCon Vienna proceeded we collided with the CEO Dinner hosted by One Shoe and Exove. After a lengthy discussion we did not manage to bring both events together and even ended up having two dinners, one for CEOs and one for C-Level Managers. 

While our idealistic idea has the goal to expand the business community and involve every important decision maker at Drupal companies, some people perceived the CXO event as a competing event that would fork the Drupal Business community.

We believe in the open source spirit, that the exchange of great ideas and implementations even in some competitive challenges leads to added value and benefits the open source community as a whole. Further we agree in general that taking the lead and doing is good as long as it is happening in a collaborative and open way with the community.

For DrupalCon Vienna collaboration on the CEO/CXO dinner concept could not be achieved in a timely manner. Therefore we rather merge than fork the community but are looking forward to see that collaboration happen in the future for an overall benefit to the Drupal Business Community.


Ivo Radulovski

DrupalCon Monday
Business Summit Program Manager