Drupal Business Alliance, If Not Now, Then When?

Drupal Business Alliance

Drupal Business Alliance, If Not Now, Then When?

By Ivo Radulovski, 26th June 2017

In 2010 exactly 55 Drupal companies came together for the first time to explore collaboration synergies at the DrupalCXO in Brussels.


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“The goal of the event was intensified networking, sharing best practices and building collaborations among Drupal companies to keep the pace in a rapidly evolving, almost turbulent market.” wrote Márta Maczel in her post.

Back then one of the most active discussions evolved around Drupal marketing resources for enterprises (Enterprise Marketing Resources, Infographics) and Drupal training (research-and-academia, curriculum-and-training). Also as a specific outcome of DrupalCXO, there was a survey launched on “Software Used in Drupal Development” to map what Drupal  companies use, how efficient they are and how they could be improved.

Credits https://www.flickr.com/photos/54834269@N02/ 


"This new breed of Drupal events initiated by Kristof Van Tomme encouraged me to join the initiative and to develop the big picture of collaboration between Drupal companies and initiatives."

A year later we presented at DrupalCon London 2011: Successful Communities & the new breed of Drupal Events.

Since then we’ve gone a long way in evolving meetings and events from CXO Days, Product Meetups, Business Summits, Drupal Awards, the European Drupal Government Days and Drupal GovCon to the European Drupal Business Days.

Since 2010

Voices have been advocating louder and louder for common marketing initiatives for Drupal from a business perspective.

Back then all the companies in the Drupal ecosystem were young companies with approx. 10-30 people and their executives had to learn both how to run a company and how to better deliver Drupal services.

“The demand for Drupal work means that there is little time left aside for long-term planning. This, however, is a crucial exercise for the longevity of a company.” says Ronald Ashri in his post.

Further Sven Decabooter writes in his summary:

The main problem is that Drupal shops around the world are reinventing the wheel over and over again when it comes to marketing material for Drupal (whitepapers, case studies, arguments against FUD, ...). There are some efforts to bundle this, most specifically the http://groups.drupal.org/marketing-drupal group. However, those are good for discussing Drupal marketing, but not really suitable to actively collaborate on them. So, we figured the closest we could get to collaborating on this (without having to set up a lot of tools) is by creating a drupal.org project: http://drupal.org/project/emr

Passing Resume

The started initiatives and the few marketing sprints had good intentions but the executives and managers of these young and dynamically moving companies did not have enough time or resources on consistent basis to individually move Drupal marketing and recognition to a level which it deserves.

Necessary Actions

The need for a marketing-driven “Drupal Business Alliance” is at hand, to connect the Drupal Business ecosystems for best practice exchange and suggestions made by and for founders, associations, initiatives and individuals.

Therefore a letter of intent has been drafted calling all Drupal business leaders to join.

Open Call - Letter of Intent